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Een Wereldwijde Verjaardag

On February 2, Unificationists around the world will celebrate the birthdays of Father and Mother Moon, whom we call True Parents. Their birthdays auspiciously fall on the same day by the lunar calendar–the 6th of January.

We call it simply, True Parents’ Birthday. It’s an opportunity for Unificationists to reflect on the calling they have received from Father and Mother Moon and the life-changing experiences that have followed.

Why is True Parents’ birthday a global affair? There isn’t a corner of the world that True Parents’ work hasn’t touched–from their legacy in encouraging cross-cultural marriages to their international peace work–and so the party is a worldwide celebration among people of different backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities.

Father Moon’s main goal was to unify all religions by finding their common core and using their combined strengths to bring this ailing world back to God. When True Parents look back on their own birthday, what it means to them is the start of a lifetime of answering God’s call to build one global family centered on God, our Heavenly Parent. That means that all 7.4 billion people on earth care for and love each other as they would their own mother, father, sister, and brother. That’s why we celebrate our global parents, True Parents, as we would our own family.

February 2 is an opportunity to reflect on this global vision championed by a couple who have stopped at nothing to see peace manifest and have given heart and soul toward a better world.

Want to join in on this special day? Check out our communities page and get connected to a celebration in your local area! There’ll be cake!